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The First Post to ValidateThis!

I'm excited to say that the Google group that I set up as a discussion forum for my object oriented validation framework for ColdFusion has received its first post. And it was a doozy. Some really great ideas, and I, in my usual fashion, posted a response of an appropriate length ;-)

So I'd like to invite anyone interested in becoming part of the conversation, or interested in just listening in, to join the group. I'm not necessarily going to blog about everything that comes up in the group, and judging by this first post/response, there is bound to be some pretty interesting stuff going on.

For anyone who's interested but doesn't want to add yet another source of email to their inbox, I can confidently say that the volume of traffic will be negligible. And first post moderation is active, so spam should be pretty much non existent.

Click here to join the party.