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Transfer's getMemento() has Changed

Although I have been fairly vocal about the fact that the getMemento() method available from Transfer (an ORM for ColdFusion) is undocumented and subject to change, and have even written my own implementation of it in my AbstractTransferDecorator, I discovered today that I am still calling it one place in my ColdFusion application code (which I wrote a long time ago). And that one line of code is now throwing an error. I understand from some comments on Jason Dean's blog that the internal implementation of mementos did change recently, in Transfer 1.1 according to Mark Mandel, which explains my problem.

I just thought it would be worth sharing this with the community, as I have a feeling that I'm not the only one to use getMemento() on occasion. So be warned: if any of your code uses getMemento() test it with the latest BER of Transfer as you may need to make changes to your code before deploying Transfer 1.1.