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Stupid ColdFusion ORM Tricks - Returning Everything

I've been spending a lot of time trying to get a handle on how ColdFusion interacts with Hibernate, and in particular how the Hibernate session behaves. I discussed a lot of my findings in my CFinNC Advanced ORM session, and I plan to document them here on my blog as well. I'll also be presenting both of my CFinNC sessions to the Online ColdFusion Meetup in the near future.

Now that I'm pretty comfortable with Hibernate session management, I decided to turn my attention to HQL, which I haven't played with much yet, and I came across this interesting gem. Well, gem might be pushing it, as its usefulness is extremely limited, but still it's cool that it's possible.

Ok, now before I show you this trick you have to promise that you won't try this on your production server, or even on a development server against a database that's very large. It might not go over very well if you do.

So what exactly is this Stupid ORM Trick? If you run the following code:

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1<cfset aReallyBigArrayOfObjects = ormExecuteQuery("from java.lang.Object") />

The resulting array will contain all of the objects in your database. That's right, all of them. Now you can see why you'd need to be careful about where you run this. So, useful? Not really. Cool? Kinda. Stupid? You bet!