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It's Official, ValidateThis! Works with Reactor

I designed ValidateThis!, my validation framework for ColdFusion objects, to be framework agnostic, meaning that it could be used to provide validation services to Business Objects regardless of what other frameworks a developer chooses to use. That was my goal, and that was how it was implemented. But, up until about a week ago, I had never actually used it with anything other than Transfer.

As a result of some discussions I had with Dan Wilson, I determined that I needed to make sure that VT could actually work as easily with Reactor as it does with Transfer. Using the new super-simple integration technique that I mentioned in an earlier post, I was able to get VT working with Reactor in exactly the same manner as Transfer, in a matter of minutes.

So I'm now satisfied that VT truly is framework agnostic, which is pretty cool, as I imagine it might come in handy working with the new ORM features being touted for CF9.