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I'm Attending Day of Mobile in Chicago

I'm going to attend Day of Mobile in Chicago on March 6th. I learned about it from an iPhone development mailing list that I'm on and while the topic of mobile computing is an important one, I was most drawn to it when I noted that Robert "Uncle Bob" Martin would be one of the many speakers presenting.His topic, Dynamic Languages are the Future sounds particularly interesting to a me as a ColdFusion developer.

In addition Jay Freeman (saurik), the creator of Cydia, will be presenting the keynote and David Whatley, the author of some award-winning iPhone games will be presenting From Hobby To Business: Making Big Money in the iPhone App Store. Noted software craftsmanship and agile speakers Cory Foy and Jeff Norris (of ThoughtWorks) will be presenting as well.

Here's what the web site has to say about the conference:

Day of Mobile is an all day event for mobile developers and enthusiasts that will take place at IIT on March 6, 2010. The overall goal of the event is to better prepare both Chicago's application development community and companies with mobile initiatives for the upcoming mobile revolution. We will cover a myriad of different topics relative to mobile development and strategy such as platform SDKs, cross platform development, multimedia, CMS/SMS, mobile business models and many more. The event will begin with a breakfast at 8AM and conclude after a keynote speech and hackathon awards ceremony at 4PM. Throughout the day, there will be talks running concurrently with one another in two adjoining ballrooms.

So although the conference has absolutely nothing to do with ColdFusion, I think that it will be an excellent opportunity to learn some complementary skills and some new stuff to boot, and at $39.95 it's probably the deal of the year!

I'll be flying down from Toronto on the 5th and if anyone reading this is planning on going too I'd love to get together. Leave me a comment or send me an email.