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ValidateThis API Documentation Available

I'm in the process of creating a roadmap for future development of ValidateThis, my validation framework for ColdFusion objects. I am discussing the roadmap with interested parties via the new ValidateThis-dev Google group, so if you're interested in having any input, or just following along, I welcome you to join that group.

One item that appears on the roadmap is improving the documentation for the framework. There is quite a lot of documentation already available on the ValidateThis wiki (thanks to the CodexWiki team for the tool), but I know that there are some holes. I'm going to try to shore up the docs over the next while, but in the meantime I figured I might as well generate some JavaDoc-style API documentation for the framework using ColdDoc, so that's what I've now done. You can find the API docs at I'd like to thank Mark Mandel for yet another rockin' ColdFusion open source tool (ColdDoc), which made this process oh so easy.

As always, the latest code is available from the ValidateThis RIAForge site, and if you have any questions about the framework, or suggestions for enhancements, please send them to the ValidateThis Google group.

Mark Mandel's Gravatar Glad you found Colddoc useful :)
Always glad to see someone using one of my projects.
# Posted By Mark Mandel | 5/15/10 8:19 PM