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A New Group to Discuss ValidateThis Framework Development

I've created a new Google group, ValidateThis-dev which is intended to be a list for discussing future development of ValidateThis, a validation framework for ColdFusion. I did announce this in a post a few days ago, but it was buried near the bottom of the post so I thought it wise to announce it separately as well.

The existing group, ValidateThis, will remain as the main location for discussions of how to use the framework, and is also appropriate for enhancement requests, whereas the ValidateThis-dev group will be for discussing the design and coding of the framework itself. This new group is a public group, so anyone is free to join. I'd be particularly keen on having anyone who is interested in contributing, or even just sharing their ideas about how the framework can be improved, as members of the group.

If you've never contributed to an open source project before here's a chance to get your feet wet. I promise that we'll be civil and welcoming to anyone that is interested, and with ValidateThis now housed on GitHub it's a nice opportunity to play with Git as well. I hope you'll consider joining and adding your voice to the conversation.

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