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ValidateThis! No Longer Relies on Coldspring

In an effort to make ValidateThis!, my validation framework for ColdFusion objects, as easy as possible to integrate into existing applications, I decided to remove its reliance on Coldspring. I was just using Coldspring for internal Dependency Injection (DI), and as there aren't really that many components that make up the framework it wasn't that difficult a change to make. So now the framework is truly DI framework agnostic, as well as being Persistence Layer framework agnostic.

I hope to release version 0.7 soon, which will include these changes, as well as the new ValidateThis Service Object, which allows for super-simple integration.

Tom Chiverton's Gravatar This is cool, one of the things coming in new versions of Reactor is validation support, and we want to make sure as many of the popular validation frameworks can hook into it as pos.
Having less dependencies will help :-)
# Posted By Tom Chiverton | 4/20/09 5:32 AM
Bob Silverberg's Gravatar That's cool, Tom. Once you guys have something ready to test I'd be happy to do some testing, attempting to implement VT into your new validation scheme.
# Posted By Bob Silverberg | 4/20/09 9:00 AM