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Stop the Presses! - ValidateThis! Now Easier to Use Than a Mac

Thanks to some recent brainstorming with Dan Wilson, I have added a component to ValidateThis! (my validation framework for ColdFusion objects) that makes using it with your application far simpler than anything I have described thus far.

The component, which I'm calling the ValidationService, allows you to pass an object into it to be validated. That means that you no longer have to integrate the framework directly into your objects, although that is still my preferred method. All you need do is add a single line of code into your Coldspring.xml file and you're good to go.

I'm working on the next release of the framework, which includes this component as well as a new demo application that features this new simple integration. I hope to release something very soon.

Bob! I'm pumped you decided to go this route! It was the one thing I had a little issue with.

The code base for this framework is pretty solid.

Thanks for the work.
# Posted By John Allen | 4/8/09 1:50 PM
it would want to be easier to use then a mac, i still can't find the right mouse button so i can right click
# Posted By matt | 4/9/09 6:58 AM