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CFNotifo Demo Page

This is a demo page for the CFNotifo API wrapper. There are two demos available:

  1. Is an example of an actual use case for Notifo, provides the ability to subscribe to push notifications for updates to my blog. If you subscribe to this service, you will receive a notification whenever I add a new post to my blog.
  2. Is a bit contrived, but will allow you to see the Notifo API in action. It allows you to subscribe to a test service, and then allows you to send yourself a notification via the service. This way you can see how Notifo works without having to wait for me to add a post to my blog ;-)

The source code for CFNotifo is hosted at GitHub, and you'll find a readme with basic usage instructions there as well.

Note that in order to subscribe you must have a Notifo Username, and in order to receive the notifications you must have the Notifo app installed on your phone.

Demo 1 - Subscribe to Mobile Notifications of New Posts Via Notifo

After subscribing you will receive a notification on your phone whenever I add a new blog post.

Subscribe to Mobile Notifications of New Blog Posts

Demo 2 - Subscribe to a Test Service and Send Yourself Notifications

First you must subscribe to the service and confirm your subscription via the iPhone app. Then you can send yourself a message using the Send form.

Subscribe to Test Service
Send a Notification Via Test Service