Photo from Chile

My First Whiskerino

Well, I've gone and done it. I managed to register for Whiskerino this year, and I've shaved off the couple of weeks of growth that I've carried around for several years. Thanks to Andy Matthews, aka creole, for turning me on to this beardfest, and for the advice that I should try to register early. My wife isn't thrilled about the whole thing, but I figure if she can have fun putting on makeup and jewelery and fancy dresses every now and then then I should be allowed to have some fun with my appearance for a change.

There will no doubt be another blog post or two about this over the next four months, but for now, for posterity, I leave the interwebs with before and after pictures from today, as well as a video of me starting the endeavour.

That's Bushman of Alcatraz.
# Posted By Carol | 11/1/09 9:59 PM
Ah, right. I should have checked with you first.
# Posted By Bob Silverberg | 11/1/09 10:05 PM