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ValidateThis! - Object Oriented Validation Code Available at RIAForge

I have made the code for my object oriented validation framework for ColdFusion available on RIAForge.

The download includes a demo application and set-up instructions. One should be able to get the demo up and running on one's machine in fairly short order. The set-up instructions also include some fairly detailed documentation about integrating the framework with an existing model, which I won't repeat here. I may write some posts about it in the future, but for now, if you're interested, just download the code, take it for a spin, and take a peek under the hood. The code base itself is actually fairly straightforward.

You may recall, if you've read my previous posts on the subject, that this project started out as a proof-of-concept for an object oriented approach to validations. I'm pretty happy with the product that resulted from this exercise, but there is definitely room for improvement and enhancement. I'm very keen to hear from anyone that checks it out and attempts to use it, and I'm willing to help anyone who runs into difficulty getting the demo up and running, or has questions about integrating the framework into an existing model.

Feel free to email me directly or use the google group ( that I set up to facilitate more of a "conversation".

Congrats Bob! Gonna play with it tonight. I have a couple of applications that are using my own validation "framework" and I think ripping mine out and putting yours in will be a piece of cake.

Real excited. Thanks.
# Posted By John Allen | 10/28/08 11:37 AM
hey Bob,

I've run into a strange thing while implementing your frameworks ideas into my framework ideas...... I have 3 development machines.... 2 of them have cf8.0.1 and 1 of them has cf8.0....... I left work with working code.. got home and updated my desktop development machine (the one using 8.0) and i'm all kinds of strange errors .. I did some playing around but It seems to be located in the TransientFactorys onMissingMethod functions create .. and the problems happen when creating BOWrappers....

Now, I have tested the same revision of my code on my two other dev boxes which have the cf 8.0.1 update and things work as I had designed them to..... no issues are apparent other then those I am already aware of and are working out...

Is this cf8 compatibility issue somethign you maybe already aware of... any thoughts about this? ....

Since I aneed to update this box anyways, I'm installing 8.0.1 now and I will post a follow up if the update resolves the issue i'm currently seeing... however, I am already fairly confident that the issue is in the ValidateThis layer.. i'm just not sure why it's happening yet.. and if 8.0.1 fixes.. is there a way to make this backwards compatible with 8.0?
# Posted By adam | 11/6/08 10:22 PM
Hi Adam,

You are correct, there is an issue with onMissingMethod in 8.0, which is resolved in 8.0.1, and this does affect the ValidateThis code.

I'm sorry to have caused you to spend your time debugging this - I really should have specified 8.0.1 as a requirement. My bad. I will update the RIAForge project right away, and probably write a quick blog post about it as well.

Regarding making it backward compatible with 8.0, I'm not sure how possible that would be, and I'm not sure that it would be worth the effort. I would think that most people on 8.0 should really be on 8.0.1, so I don't think it's worth addressing. If I hear otherwise from anyone I could look into it, but for now I think I'll just update the docs.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention, and again I apologize for causing you to waste your time,
# Posted By Bob Silverberg | 11/6/08 10:51 PM
Bob, please don't apologize to me.. Your two OO series have helped me save so much time.. And my time was wasted on this only because of my own procrastination... Sure enough, the 8.0.1 update got me rolling again so no worries.

I am sorry for taking up comment space.
Your right, there would be no need for 8.0 compatibility.... Doh.

# Posted By adam | 11/6/08 11:40 PM
With all of this apologizing going on, you'd think we were both Canadians (I'm assuming you aren't).

No worries at all. I'm really happy to hear that someone is getting some use out of the code.
# Posted By Bob Silverberg | 11/7/08 12:11 AM