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ValidateThis! 0.65 - Runs on Railo!

Thanks to some prompting from a guy named Charlie I took some time this weekend to attempt to get ValidateThis!, my framework for ColdFusion objects, running on Railo.

Installing and configuring Railo to run on my Windows machine with Apache was a bitch, but after some help from Mark Mandel I had it up and running. A few hours of debugging later, with the help of MXUnit, of course, and with a bit more help from Mr. Mandel, the framework was tested and working on Railo.

I must say that I really like Railo. The administrator is nice - I had no problems setting up mappings and datasources to mimic my CF install. And it seems to run markedly faster than CF, on my machine anyway.

I plan to write some posts on the challenges that I encountered, both with the installation and with the code base, in the near future.

As always, the code is available to download from RIAForge, and if you have any questions or interest in following the progress of VT, I invite you to join the ValidateThis! Google Group.

Bob, you're the man!
I've just found out 2 days ago that it's not working with Railo
and wrote a quick note on the forum - w00t that's damn cool.

keep on rollin

greetings from Austria
# Posted By Charlie | 3/24/09 4:14 AM
No problem, Charlie. I needed an incentive to do it, so your note to the Google group did just that. ;-)
# Posted By Bob Silverberg | 3/24/09 9:04 AM