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Sava CMS is Now Mura CMS

Just wanting to spread the word that the fine folks at Blue River Interactive Group have been moved to change the name of their free open-source ColdFusion CMS from Sava CMS to Mura CMS.

I have been working with Sava for the past month or so, and have been very impressed. It seems like a very solid, full-featured product, and the new plug-in architecture makes integrating external code a breeze. I was tasked with taking a fairly large legacy Fusebox application (it's been incrementally developed for the past six years or so) and finding a way to use most of its features from within Sava.

With a bit of help and support from Matt Levine, I was able to use the new plug-in architecture to accomplish that feat, without having to touch any of the existing CMS code. Now that's extensibility!

I plan to write more in the future about what I've been doing with Sava, with a particular focus on integrating existing code with it. If you're looking for a ColdFusion CMS I highly recommend checking it out.

I know it has got nothing to do with coldfusion or programming, but both names for the CMS got my attention :) ... because Sava and Mura are both European rivers.
# Posted By klaut | 4/13/09 2:20 AM
Im excited to read some posts from you on Mura. I've spent the last year extending another CSM and really like to here someone say "Now that's extensibility!", cause the one I'm using is the exact opposite.

I believe that CSM developers need to think about 2. user experience, 3. features, and 1. even more importantly... extensibility. It's what separates the good from the ugly and bad.
# Posted By John Allen | 4/14/09 11:26 AM
Thanks for the post about the Sava to Mura name change. We at Blue River and Mura really appreciate it.
# Posted By Ryan Thompson | 4/16/09 7:21 PM
Hi Bob,
I was just reading your post on the Mura support forum when you were asking about
how best to integrate your legacy FB app.

Brilliant that you were able to quickly get this sorted with Matt's help. The bit that stands out
to me is that you were able to use the plugin system which really is the area I want to master.

I am keen to be able to properly extend Mura without a lot of hacking around if possible.

You mentioned you would blog about your findings on this. Is this something you are still
planning to do? I for one would be very interested in another Bob S blog special :)

I'm currently trying to get my head around how best to build in functionality that I've got
in my own CMS system and finding it quite hard. Custom admin functions are the hard part
I suspect. Be nice to find out how best to build new admin pages which have the exact
look and feel of the Mura built in's - essential for a client deployment I feel.
# Posted By James Allen | 5/7/09 7:10 PM
Thanks for this, I searched Google and found this blog for looking for ColdFusion CMS. I am going to try it using Linux`-`
# Posted By John Barrett | 5/17/09 3:32 AM
Hi Bob,

As there are no docs on the subject as you note don the Mura forum, I was jsut wondering if you are intending to blog your expereince with integrating your existing site into MURA. I plan to integrate a shopping cart and would certainly prefer to do it the best and most efficient say as suggested by the Mura team.
# Posted By Snake | 5/28/09 7:21 AM
I am also interested in your findings with Matt. Please post them up.
# Posted By Brent Baker | 6/18/09 11:11 AM
I'll jump on the band wagon here for more info on integrating shopping cart functionality with Mura. I've been playing with Mura on my local dev setup and am very impressed so far, but without the e-commerce capability I won't be able to use this solution for the majority of my clients.

How about a tutorial based on the Heath Ceramics site?
# Posted By sean | 7/7/09 5:11 PM