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Getting Ready for cf.Objective()

I've been rehearsing my presentations for cf.Objective(), "The Only Enterprise ColdFusion Conference", for the past couple of weeks, getting ready to jump on a plane one week from today. I'll be arriving fairly early on Wednesday, so I plan on doing some shopping and possibly some sightseeing, and then sitting down to a nice dinner prior to the Opening Night Reception. So if anyone reading this will be in Minneapolis late Wednesday afternoon and would like to join me for a decent (i.e., high quality and not necessarily inexpensive) meal, leave me a comment, or email me directly.

I'm also keen to hear any recommendations from anyone familiar with Minneapolis on good places to shop/sightsee/eat.

I'll be using Twitter between now and the end of the conference, after which I imagine I'll be giving it up for good. If you like you can follow me (I tend to be pretty quiet) @elegant_chaos. I hope to see lots of you there!

Ah I hope you change your mind on stopping your twittering after the conference.

Be a shame to lose you from the twittersphere (or whatever it's called.. lol).

I really do feel it's a valuable means of staying in touch with the CF community and
can really lead to some fantastic things..

Great to hear your presenting at the conference - must be quite a cool feeling.
# Posted By James Allen | 5/7/09 7:16 PM