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An Object Oriented Approach to Validations - Recording Available

I'm happy to announce that the presentation that I delivered to the Online ColdFusion Meetup last night, entitled An Object Oriented Approach to Validations, was recorded and is therefore available to anyone who is interested and wasn't able to attend in person.

Towards the end of the presentation I listed some resources that exist for ValidateThis!, which is the framework that I created using the approach that I described. Those are:

  • Riaforge Site (framework and demo code) -
  • Online Demo -
  • Google Group -

This presentation was very much about why I created VT and how I designed it. It didn't really address questions of how one uses the framework or how to integrate it into an existing application. I have blogged about that extensively in the past, but I also plan on putting together a new presentation addressing those issues, which I hope to present to the meetup group in the future.

I'd like to thank everyone for attending and for all of the wonderful feedback, and I'd also like to thank Charlie Arehart for allowing me to speak and for continuing to operate this amazing resource.