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Testing Application and Session Integration with FW/1

Sean Corfield recently released a very lightweight ColdFusion MVC application framework called Framework One (FW/1 for short). I've been doing quite a bit of development of plugins for Mura CMS lately and I've been looking for a lightweight front-controller, so it sounded like a potentially good match.

I've been working with Pat Santora of Blue River on a Mura CMS plugin that will enable a developer to plug a FW/1 application into Mura. One of the things we needed to do was to ensure that FW/1's events were properly tied in to Mura's events. To that end I created a little test application that makes use of FW/1's setupApplication() and setupSession() methods.

I thought that this sample app might be useful to someone else who is attempting a different form of integration, so I'm attaching it to this post.

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@Bob, let me know when you have the plugin ready for testing. i'd be happy to check it out!
# Posted By Steve Withington | 8/28/09 2:16 PM
I believe it's in its final QA stage at Blue River. Hopefully sometime soon.
# Posted By Bob Silverberg | 8/28/09 2:37 PM
Hi Bob,

I was trying to setup a ColdFusion application with Mura CMS and Mura FW1 plugin. But, I'm bit confused like.. what would be the project structure and how to manage login functionality using Mura.

Kindly, give some idea where to start.
# Posted By Roul | 7/18/14 4:49 AM