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Funny ColdFusion Error Message

It's not often that a ColdFusion error message makes me chuckle, but this one did:

I guess ColdFusion's parser has different priorities than I would have expected. Either that, or there's an undocumented cfelseifvariables tag that I never knew about. ;-)

i suppose that before to "translate" the cf tag, coldfusion engine try to identify which that tag is exactly by finding it's end (say by looking for blank or tab or new line). So it found the dot that is not something allowed in tag names.
# Posted By Ed | 1/26/10 1:52 PM
btw, at least in FF, while adding comments, you have a too wide textarea, so it look weird when the popup scrolls horizontally :)
# Posted By Ed | 1/26/10 1:54 PM