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Join me at CFUnited and Get a Discount, Now

I'm delighted to announce (quite late, I might add) that one of my topics has been chosen to be presented at CFUnited 2010 in July. I'll be speaking on Automagic Validations for ColdFusion Objects, which I summarized to the committee as:

Are you confused about where to put the validation logic in your object oriented application? Are you tired of writing one set of validations for the server side and another set for the client side? Are you looking for a way to encapsulate your validation logic, so your business objects do not have to change each time your validation rules change? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then this is the session for you. In this session you will learn about an open source project that delivers all of the above, and is easy to integrate into any project. You define your business rules in a simple XML file and the framework will automagically perform all of your server side validations and generate all of your client side validations. What's more, the framework is flexible and extensible enough to allow you to define an unlimited number of custom validation types and messages, all without touching any of the framework's or your own code. You'll leave the session with an understanding of what the framework can do for you, as well as how to implement it into a new or existing application. This framework is meant to be used in an application that makes use of objects. This would include ones that use Transfer, Reactor, hand-coded beans/DAOs, and, of course, ColdFusion 9's ORM.

If you're thinking about attending, you might want to register this week, as the Early Bird pricing ends this Friday.

I look forward to catching up with friends and colleagues at the conference, and hope to meet some new folks as well. Perhaps I'll see you there?