Photo from Chile

View the Presentations from the cf.Objective() Pecha Kucha BOF

If you weren't one of the lucky ones who were able to attend the cf.Objective() Pecha Kucha BOF in April of this year, you can still have a chance to see these nine fantastic presentations. The event turned out to be just as fun and interesting as I had hoped, which is entirely thanks to the hard work of the presenters. Fortunately Michael Canonigo recorded all but one of the presentations, and Anthony Israel-Davis managed to somehow magically record his own, so they are all available for viewing via YouTube.

I've created a YouTube playlist that you can watch to see the intro followed by all nine of the presentations, or, if you want to check them out one at a time they are each linked to their respective speaker below.

  • Steve Withington
  • Matt Woodward
  • Mike Henke
  • Charlie Arehart
  • Doug Hughes
  • Curt Gratz
  • Anthony Israel-Davis
  • Dan Wilson
  • Ben Nadel

Thanks again to all of the speakers and all who attended. Hopefully this can become a regular event at cf.Objective() and even possibly at other conferences.