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cf.Objective() 2011 - Now with 25% More Awesome!

I am pleased as punch to announce that we've been able to add a 5th track to cf.Objective() for 2011. This means that we'll now be bringing you 25% more of the awesome content for which cf.Objective() has been renowned!

We'll be announcing sessions, speakers and a complete schedule over the next week or so, but for now I can tell you that this year's tracks will be:

  • Architecture & Design in Software - bringing you both technical and theoretical talks to help you architect and design better, and more maintainable, software.
  • Integration & Tools - covering the many tools of our trade and the many ways with which we can integrate ColdFusion's awesomeness with other software and systems.
  • Process & Performance - topics about how we develop software and how we encourage it to perform as best it can.
  • Front-End Development - chock full of front-end goodness like HTML5, CSS3, Flex, JavaScript, AIR and some non-technology specific talks too.
  • Frameworks and OSS Tools - popular with many cf.Objective() attendees, frameworks can improve your productivity and ease maintenance, as can other tools produced by the CF community which will be featured.

I can now say with extreme confidence that this year's cf.Objective() will be overflowing with awesomesauce (that one's for you, Marc). I hope to see all of you there.

Frameworks and OSS track? That sounds exciting, I can't wait to see what the topics and who is presenting.
# Posted By Ryan Vikander | 1/19/11 11:58 AM
# Posted By Scott Stroz | 1/19/11 1:08 PM
I love that Scott spelled it wrong.

Also, whoever invented that word should be kneecapped. Just sayin'.

As for your cf.Objective announcement... it's not as good as having Lady Gaga there, but it's still pretty frickin' great news. Except, of course, the part where I now have an even tougher time choosing sessions.
# Posted By Marc Esher | 1/19/11 8:23 PM