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cf.Objective() 2011 - Get Yer Blog Bling

Jim Priest has been kind enough to produce some new badges and a banner for this year's cf.Objective(), so whether you're presenting, sponsoring or just attending you can decorate your blog and celebrate the awesomeness that is cf.Objective() 2011. The bling can be found on the Promotional Badges page of the website, and you can also see it in all its glory below:

Nice! Were's the "I wanted to go, but I'm a loser" badge for guys like me?
# Posted By TJ Downes | 1/25/11 4:32 PM
If you make one I'll add it to my post. ;-)
# Posted By Bob Silverberg | 1/25/11 4:34 PM
I created a Mango Plugin to add the square badges to the side bar. It can be found on my site at

Hopefully people will get some usage and show their support for cf.Objective 2011.
# Posted By Brandon Moser | 1/25/11 5:57 PM
Wow, these are really nice! Jim, did you do the NCDevCon ones, too?
# Posted By Vicky | 1/25/11 9:12 PM