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Recent ValidateThis Presentation Recording Available

I did an impromptu presentation for the Dallas / Fort Worth ColdFusion User Group a couple of days ago, filling in for someone who was supposed to present on ValidateThis but was unable to make it to the meeting. I delivered the presentation that I gave at both cf.Objective() and CFUnited last year.

Dave Shuck was kind enough to record the presentation and make the recording available, so if you're interested in watching it you can do so. I will warn you that the recording is around 90 minutes long because I tended to talk quite a bit throughout the presentation (as it was an informal preso), although I do believe that most of the information I was providing was useful.

If you do watch the presentation and have any questions about ValidateThis please feel free to send your questions to the official ValidateThis Google Group.

I'd like to thank Dave and the DFWCFUG for giving me the opportunity to present to them. If any of you are UGMs and are looking for a remote presenter I'm always available and interested, and can present on a number of topics.

Bob - I'm watching the preso now, this is great information.
# Posted By Kerr | 2/10/11 3:24 PM