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Bob's Basement to Debut on CodeBass Radio on Monday

You remember hanging out in your friend's basement? You'd go down there after school, and on the weekends, and you'd chill out and listen to tunes. You'd have your favourites that you'd listen to, but as often as not someone would pull out a new record for everyone to check out. Maybe it was something they'd just picked up at the local record store, or maybe something from their collection that hadn't seen the stylus in awhile. Everyone would sit back on the old sectional, the needle would hit the vinyl and you'd be transported somewhere else.

You'd close your eyes and listen as the sound waves did their thing to you. Sometimes they'd delight, sometimes they'd annoy, and every now and then they'd turn you onto a new band or disc that would stay with you for years to come. Often for the rest of your life.

I remember those days, and I'm going to do my part to bring a touch of that back. Join me on Monday, March 7th at 1:00pm Eastern time, on CodeBass Radio for the inaugural trip down those stairs and allow me to spin some tunes for you. Some may be familiar to you, a lot will not be. I hope that you'll enjoy them, and maybe discover some new stuff that you wouldn't have otherwise.

A big thanks goes out to Vicky Ryder for providing me with this opportunity. You can listen in at or by using the awesomely cool MediaSlurp AIR app which comes bundled with a bunch of other great community streams and podcasts, including the brand-spanking new 2 devs from down under.

I hope to see you online on Monday afternoon.

I have it down on my calendar. I'm a music junkie to say the least, so this should be fun! I just checked out CodeBass via MediaSlurp -- pretty cool app! I wish it had scrobbling integration though.
# Posted By Kerr | 3/3/11 5:21 PM
Kerr, glad to hear you like MediaSlurp. Get the votes for scrobbling and we will be sure it gets into v2.0.

All development is driven by votes, so the items with the most votes win. You can vote three times on an issue, so it shouldn't be that difficult to drive up the popularity if you have a few friends who want the feature too ;)
# Posted By TJ Downes | 3/4/11 4:37 PM
Bob, excited to hear your new show!
# Posted By TJ Downes | 3/4/11 4:38 PM
I wish I had a basement that I could lock myself in with friends to listen to this. Well either way I have MediaSlurp on my laptop ready to go.
# Posted By Dave Long | 3/7/11 11:46 AM
Bob - Nice job with the broadcast today. The songs by The Philosopher Kings and The Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir were new to me, and I'm definitely going to look for more!

Being a documentary fan, have you seen the "Up" series? Many British people know about this series, as its subjects in some cases have a quasi-celebrity status in GB. Most on this side of the Atlantic I talk with know word zero about it though. In 1964, director Michael Apted produced a documentary named Seven Up!. It is a series of interviews filmed with a group of seven year old British children from myriad walks of life. Every seven years, a new film conducting "Where are you now?" interviews has been produced. Their names, in chronological order, are:

Seven Up!
7 Plus Seven
21 Up
28 Up
35 Up
42: Forty Two Up
49 Up

This series as a whole is brilliant and well worth the time investment. One has to appreciate that the subjects of the series are putting their lives on display for the world to see, in a much more intimate and realistic manner than any so-called "reality" series.

I've seen few focused character studies that illustrate human's tendency to seldom break away from the "reality" they knew at a very young age. You'll walk away genuinely feeling for these people, and hopefully with some of your assumptions about society perhaps both corroborated and upended. Seriously, just watch!
# Posted By Kerr | 3/7/11 3:47 PM
Hey Kerr,

Thanks for the feedback. The two new bands for you were the two Canadian bands. Interesting.

I am familiar with the Seven Up series of docs, although I admit to only seeing a couple and that was quite a few years ago. I'll have to make an effort to watch some more.

# Posted By Bob Silverberg | 3/7/11 5:51 PM
Cool, let me know if you end up checking them out. I'm currently (re)watching them with my girlfriend, so they're definitely on the mind.

Speaking of Canadian music, I'm enamored with the latest Broken Social Scene.
# Posted By Kerr | 3/7/11 11:40 PM