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My First Two Months With Mozilla

Yesterday marked my two-month anniversary with Mozilla, and as I never officially announced the start of my employment there (at least not via my blog), I figured it was time to write a post about it.

I realize that this may be news to some readers of this blog, so I'll start with a bit of background. I have been a Mozillian for quite some time, actively contributing to projects primarily for the Web QA department, but also doing a bit for Automation. I have been heavily involved in open source development for several years, and the goal of providing users with more choice through open source software is one that is near and dear to my heart, so taking a job with Mozilla made perfect sense. I am glad to say that it has been everything that I had hoped it would be, and more.

I am now a member of the stupendous Web QA team.

We are responsible for ensuring the quality of Mozilla's many web sites, which include, Mozilla Support, Firefox Add-ons, The Mozilla Developer Network, Firefox Marketplace, and many others. We have also recently been testing Firefox OS, Mozilla's exciting new mobile operating system. My main focus is writing automated tests using Python and Selenium, and more recently Marionette (for Firefox OS), but I have also been using Javascript quite a bit (as that is the basis for Firefox OS).

In addition to that I spend quite a bit of time with Jenkins, which we use for Continuous Integration, and more recently I helped to build an IRC bot using node.js and MongoDB. I plan to write a separate post about that in the near future.

As I mentioned above, it's been a great experience thus far - something I can recommend to anyone. If you're interested in finding out what it's like to be a Mozilla contributor, and having a chance to learn new or improve upon existing skills in testing, Python, Selenium and/or Git, you should check us out. You can find me and my Web QA colleagues in #mozwebqa on, which is really the ideal place to get started. We also have a mailing list that you can join, and you can always find more information about who we are and what we do via our QMO Page. I hope to see some of you online soon!

Wow Bob...

That's fantastic! Huge congratulations to you for making the move to an org like Mozilla. Do you happen to know Jason Orendorff, one of the engineers on the JavaScript engine for Firefox? He lives here in Nashville.
# Posted By andy matthews | 1/27/13 9:31 PM
Congrats Bob.
Well done. I am a huge fan of unit testing, continuous integration with jenkins etc.
That was my presentation to CFObjective, ANZ in 2011.

Who would ave thought there was a full time job in it? - I just thought it was a really cool way to keep human factors out of the mix as much as possible and increase my confidence when coding.

Awesome news.
# Posted By Gavin Baumanis | 1/28/13 8:50 AM
Thanks Andy and Gavin! @Andy, I have not come across Jason Orendorff yet, but when I do I will send your regards.
# Posted By Bob Silverberg | 1/28/13 9:34 AM
Very cool! Now, whenever I use the MDN and think about how awesome it is, I can do a little, mental hat-tip to you, fine sir!
# Posted By Ben Nadel | 2/4/13 9:28 PM
Thanks Ben! I am glad you find MDN to be awesome and I will do my best to keep it bug-free for you. ;-)
# Posted By Bob Silverberg | 2/5/13 11:29 AM