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Awesome Training Available Before cf.Objective()

As you're no doubt aware, cf.Objective(), "The World's Only Enterprise Engineering Conference for ColdFusion Developers", is coming to Minneapolis, MN from April 22-24, 2010. It's an outstanding opportunity to learn a ton of stuff, and to network and socialize with like-minded developers. I am pleased and honoured to be speaking, twice, for the second year in a row. What you may not realize, however, is that in the days prior to the conference there is a boatload of training available.

Developing Applications with ColdFusion 9 Object Relational Mapping

Mark Mandel and I will be delivering a comprehensive hands-on workshop on Developing Applications with ColdFusion 9 Object Relational Mapping for two whole days, from April 20-21, and it's going to be fantastic, if I do say so myself. If the new features of ColdFusion's ORM integration don't interest you (buy why wouldn't they?), there are five other choices.

Something For Everyone

Here's the full list of all of the courses available:

  • Building Secure CFML Applications (April 21) - Jason Dean and Pete Freitag
  • Coldbox:100 Training (April 21) - Luis Majano
  • Developing Applications with ColdFusion 9 Object Relational Mapping (ORM) (April 20-21) - Bob Silverberg and Mark Mandel
  • Getting Started with Flex and AIR Development with the Flex SDK (April 21) - John Mason
  • Mach-II and OOP from the Ground Up (April 20-21) - Kurt Weirsma, Peter Farrell and Matt Woodward
  • Rapid Development with Model-Glue 3 (April 20-21) - Dan Wilson and Ezra Parker

There really is something for everyone, and the instructors are all top-notch.

Anyone Can Attend

Something else you might not realize; you don't have to attend cf.Objective() in order to sign up for and attend a pre-Conference training class. So, if you've been hankering to learn more about CF9 ORM, application security, ColdBox, Model-Glue, Mach-II, or Flex and AIR development, go for it!

The Early-Bird Ends Friday

I'll close with a reminder; the discounted early-bird rates, which apply to both the cf.Objective() conference fee and to most of the pre-conference training sessions, expires this Friday, January 29th. So why not save some cash and sign up right now? Registration is done via the cf.Objective() registration form.

I hope to see many of you there in April.

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