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The This Week in ColdFusion Podcast is Back!

That's right, the mighty fine folks who bring you the This Week in ColdFusion podcast have released a new episode. After what seems like an interminable hiatus, the boys are back and guess what? I'm on it too! I was interviewed about the upcoming cf.Objective() conference and the incredible pre-conference training that will be available. I also discussed the Pecha Kucha BOF that I am organizing.

After my cameo Brian and Mike had a lively and informative chat about design patterns, which I stuck my nose into from time to time. It was great fun and I encourage you to give it a listen. It's available via iTunes, and can also be listened to or downloaded directly from the show page.

Bob it was great having you on with us. My favorite part; the Pecha Kucha BOF discussion. I love how elegantly it rolls off the tongue :-)
# Posted By Brian Carr | 3/26/10 11:45 AM
Bob, I just wanted to comment and say that it was a real joy having you with us last night. I was talking about it at work today and couldn't stop talking about how great it was that there are minds like yours in the CF Community. You've got to come back and chat with us again very soon!
# Posted By Mike Chandler | 3/26/10 10:01 PM
Brian and Mike, it was a privilege, an honour, and a really great time. I'll be back on anytime that you'll have me. Maybe next time Brian and I can solicit for our "not on facebook" club. ;-)
# Posted By Bob Silverberg | 3/26/10 10:13 PM
Hey just tuned in from London UK.

I’ve been getting more into OO for CF lately, exposed to some ideas from a colleague, then making use of CFC Powertools to get me going

Just wanted to say I enjoyed this episode very much, and I immediately purchased the book that you mentioned, “Head First Design Patterns”! Thanks guys! Very engaging!
# Posted By Greg Franklin | 3/28/10 10:40 PM