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Extending Mura CMS with Plugins - The Story Continues

Just a quick note to say that my languishing series on Extending Mura CMS (an open source ColdFusion CMS) with Plugins will in fact continue in the very near future. I took some downtime over the holidays to draft a couple of posts, and I just have to get them ready for publication. In an interesting coincidence I discovered, after writing the posts, that the crew at Blue River have been hosting a webcast, The Mura Show, about Mura, and have been talking about developing plugins as well. And then I saw a tweet that mentioned my earlier posts, which pointed me to the ColdFusion Throwdown, which is hosting a competition for developing Mura plugins. So there seems to be a lot of interest in Mura plugins right now.

I watched the first episode of The Mura Show, and it pretty much covered all that I had written, and then some, so I considered not publishing the posts after all. But I figure that having them as a permanent, readable resource would be of value to some, so I'm going to finish them up and get them out there. I hope to then write another post discussing all of the new stuff that I learned from The Mura Show.

So stay tuned for some more Mura goodness!